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China is one of New Zealand's largest trading partner. The beginner level programme is ideally suited to a person planning to engage with China at professional and / or business level and appreciates the value of cultural understanding, language and business etiquette. The programme can also benefit individuals who like to explore China as visitors. Learner may develop their Chinese language proficiency over time at advanced levels by continuing to take next level programmes.

Business Chinese: Programs

After 10 weeks

  • Learners will be able to conduct beginner-level conversations in Chinese, e.g. greetings, finding directions, doing basic transactions and counting.

  • Learners will be able to pronounce Chinese words in Pinyin format & understand beginner-level Chinese grammar.

  • Learners will be able to recognise some of the most commonly used Chinese characters in the business settings.

  • It equips learners with courtesy in

      Chinese business culture background knowledge.


Intake date: The first Monday each month

Timetable: Every Wednesday (1.5 hours after work)

Small Classes: Maximum 10 learners each class

Location: Ideal Christchurch city central (Old law court building)

Tuition Fee: $300 /10 sessions (GST Inc.)

Enrolment Fee (including administration fee & resource fee) : $50 /new student (GST Inc.)

Image by Li Yang

We have some of the best Chinese teachers, all our teachers are expert qualified native speakers with University degree.

If you are struggling and need a little assistance then email to arrange a little time before or after your regular class with a teacher.

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Business Chinese: Programs
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